After our grand total of 530 completed quilts in 2008, it feels funny to now be saying, ―Comforters now has 26 completed quilts. But it is a good start and we are on our way towards that goal of 500 quilts. We have lots of names on the list of members contributing to Comforters in the last 2 months. In 2009, I would love to in-clude every member on one of these lists.

This month, Comforters has a wish list. I would appreciate anything you can donate.

Although I have lots (really lots) of fabric, there are some colors that I am begin-ning to run low on. I can use primary colors in solids or fabrics that read as solids – think the rainbow. I need bright colors: red, orange, yellow (any shade of yellow), green, bright blues, and purple.

Batting – polyester or cotton – this is the one thing I spend the Comforters budget on. Your donations will really help!
Your plastic bags that your batting comes in – I use these to package kits.

Machine quilters – I have quilts that are much better quilted than tied. If you are learning or if you are experienced, please consider quilting for Comforters.

Janet Becker (chairperson) 713-663-7638
jmbquilts @ (remove spaces)

”Comforters” is a group within the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston that is dedicated to the saying “He who sleeps under a quilt is comforted by love”.

Comforters is an integral part of the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston. The service that Comforters provides by donating quilts to various charitable organizations in the community contributes to the Guild’s directive to educate the public about quilts and helps maintain the guild’s tax exempt status. While working within a budget designated by the guild, it is the generosity of members and friends that provides most of the materials used to make our quilts. Take our health care cialis pill for every day.

As the standing chairperson of Comforters, it is my responsibility to “get those quilts made”. I do this by providing “quilt kits” that may be checked out at the evening and / or day meetings. Debbie McHolick has volunteered to represent Comforters at the morning meetings. She is bringing kits for checkout and accepting completed kits at the monthly daytime meeting. The kits contain precut fabric pieces and a pattern with instructions for assembling the quilt top. Most members check out these kits and return the finished quilt top within a few months. The next step is to assemble the quilt top with batting and backing fabric. These “kits” are then available for those members who like to quilt or tie quilts, and then the final kit is for those members who like to bind. Many of our quilts are assembled in this fashion with the final product being the result of many hands working together: the person who donates the fabric, the person who cuts the fabric, the person who assembles the quilt top, the person who quilts or ties, and the person who binds it.

Some members also do “their own thing”. Some take a kit for the top, and then use their own fabric and batting to complete the entire quilt. Some donate a completed quilt without any of Comforters materials. Many members celebrate their birthdays by making and donating a quilt in their birth month.

This year we are experimenting with a block of the month idea to construct a “calendar” quilt. We will provide instructions for the block and possibly some starter pieces. Each month a block may be constructed using novelty fabric for that month. Blocks will be mixed and matched to make “calendar” quilts containing all the months of the year. If you are interested in making some of the blocks for Comforters, pick up instructions at the Comforters’ table or select a pattern from the menu on the left.

The December evening program consists of tying quilts for Comforters. Quilt tops have been sandwiched with their backings and are ready for completion. This is the last big push of the year to complete quilts.

Quilts are donated throughout the year as they are completed. Last year we completed 400 quilts, but in previous years have completed as many as 500 quilts. We donate to several organizations and encourage members to recommend organizations that would benefit from our quilts. Our quilts are all sizes and are given to individuals of all ages and in varying situations. The guild, through Comforters, has donated to the following organizations:

Houston Hospice
Casa de Esperanza
Ronald McDonald House
William Booth Apartments Salvation Army Family Residence
Bo’s Place
House of Tiny Treasures
Texas Children’s Hospital
Covenant House
BEAR (Be a Resource for Children)
Shriners Hospital for Children, Houston
Children’s Assessment Center
Richmond State School
Faith House
The Beacon at the John S. Dunn
Outreach Center